Bikechart merch exists to help offset the cost of the equipment and software I use to create and share sweet sweet charts. It's also fun to see all those little dots find a place to exist in the real world in a way that reminds people of the heroic physical endeavour that led to them being there in the first place. I've shown the approximate price (in Australian dollars)  below - the manufacturer of each of my things sometimes has sales and discount codes running that mean you often will pay less.

I hope you enjoy each of them as much as I do.


Bikechart t-shirts

Here's some sweet t-shirts that are understated enough to wear during the never-ending Zoom / Teams calls, but are still cycling related so you feel like you're getting away with something. 

Each of the images below will open a link to Zazzle, who will print and ship practically anywhere. Enjoy!


2011 Tour de France Anniversary t-shirt

The 2011 Tour de France 10th anniversary t-shirt recalls the epic battle between Thomas Voeckler (in green, for Europcar team colours), Andy & Frank Schleck (in red and blue for Team Leopard colours), and Cadel Evans (in yellow).

Each of the columns represent one of the last four stages - from S18 to S21, with the rows showing the position on general classification from 1st to 4th. Knowing this, you can now follow Tommy's fall from 1st to 4th, and Cadel's journey from 2nd to 4th, then back up to 1st, and a historic win as a result of the s20 time trial.

tdf black.jpg

Bikechart logo: Tour de France edition t-shirt

The TdF edition t-shirt uses the same shade of yellow used to signify the leader of the general classification competition. For bikecharts, the hex code I use is #feed04.

bikechart white.jpg

Bikechart logo t-shirt

Heavyweight cotton t-shirt with a discreet yet excellent logo. Fun fact: When talking with Chris on logo design, I asked him to incorporate what I referred to as RUF blue. I liked that he knew exactly what I was talking about.


Other t-shirts

Honestly, these are t-shirts that I made for myself for fun while I was testing t-shirt manufacturers, and feedback suggested that I should make them available for others as well! I hope you enjoy them too!

n1 tshirt.jpg

N + 1 t-shirt

The ideal number of bikes can be expressed as N+1, where N equals the number of bikes you already own. It's hard to believe that there aren't a million t-shirts with this phrase on it, given how frequently it's used in cycling circles!


(Just be wary of S-1 (where S is the number of bikes that causes divorce!))

bike ok tshirt.jpg

Is my bike OK? t-shirt

I have no pithy narration for this t-shirt. Having owned (and crashed) both motorbikes and expensive bicycles, I can relate. 

Espresso cups

These espresso cups below offer an opportunity to relive the ups and downs of a grand tour every day. They depict the movement in position of the top ten riders in the general classification competition for each race, and contain no text other than the year of competition, making them a wonderful conversation starter! Each cup comes with a dynamic chart that remains live to allow you to investigate the finer details and discover the stories in the race long after the caravan has moved on. 

Each of the images below will open a link to Zazzle, who will print and ship practically anywhere. Enjoy!


Tour de France



Buy the 2021 TDF cup

Permanent chart link


2020 tour de france espresso cup

Buy the 2020 TDF cup

Permanent chart link


2019 tour de france espresso cup

Buy the 2019 TDF cup

Permanent chart link

Giro d'Italia


2021 giro cup.jpg

Buy the 2021 Giro cup

Permanent chart link

Giro Rosa


2021 donne zaz cup.jpg


2020 Giro Rosa cup

Buy the 2020 Giro Rosa cup

Permanent chart link


2019 Giro Rosa cup

Buy the 2019 Giro Rosa cup

Permanent chart link