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A century of Everesting

Everesting is a devilishly simple concept. Find a hill, and ride up and down that piece of road until your elevation gain exceeds the height of Mount Everest (8,848m). Sound like fun? You should do one! All the details are available at

Jono Egan did his first Everesting in 2014, and in the last seven years, has racked up 100 completed attempts. Set out below are some of the charts I prepared in celebration of that epic milestone. The hall of fame ride data was supplied by Note that the values shown in the charts below are only those from the Everesting rides - none of the data from the training undertaken to complete these rides is included.

As always, you can mouse over each of the charts for more information.

Total elevation during successful attempts

The cumulative elevation of Jono's rides in the Everesting hall of fame amounts to almost 1,000,000 metres of climbing.

Total distance travelled

The cumulative distance of Jono's rides in the Everesting hall of fame amounts to over 28,000kM of riding.

Elevation vs elapsed time

The relationship between the metres climbed and time required for each of Jono's rides in the Everesting hall of fame. Mouse over chart for more details. Blue hills are outdoor, and red hills are virtual.

Favourite Everesting segment

This chart shows Jono's favourite climbs, with 12% of the total being completed on a smart trainer. This is referred to as a vEveresting.

Breakdown by year

Mouse over the chart to see the breakdown of successful Everesting attempts by year.


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