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Free the data

In Australia, the SBS ŠKODA Tour Tracker app (available for iOS and Android) has again catalogued the climbing metres per stage for the Tour de France, which allows me to bring you a series of comparative analytics that aren't available elsewhere (for now).

It's a mystery why this data is not more available, and so to help change that story, and allow you to tell your own stories with the data, I'm making all the data from my 2021 charts available for download. You'll find a link at the bottom of each of my charts for the 2021 Tour de France, including on the daily update charts (when they are published).

If you find a use for the data, I'd love you to ping me on Instagram or Twitter, and share what you've done.

(For those that are quick off the mark and are hitting this page from a link on Twitter: I'm finalising the page with the charts and the data links now. My workflow got out of sequence :-( )

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